Nevada Hotels

and Other Places to Stay

There aren't many states that have such a wide range of lodging options as you'll find here. Nevada hotels and other places to stay include some of the most opulent resort rooms and high-end vacation estates that you can imagine. They also include ski condos, lakeside townhouses and small getaways hidden away in the rural areas of the state. At the far end of the spectrum, they include sparsely furnished rooms that exist mainly to provide a place for visitors to grab a bit of sleep between bouts of full-bore Nevada fun. Some of the factors that will contribute to your decision about which Nevada hotel you’ll choose will be your time schedule and your budget. There are Nevada hotels to fit just about any budget, and they’re mostly all close to area attractions, restaurants and shopping. Visitors with limited budgets might want to explore the special deals offered by the players clubs and loyalty programs at the casinos, resorts and hotels.  No matter what type of surroundings you want for your Nevada vacation, you'll be able to find lodging to suit your taste.  

Choosing Nevada Hotels

Another factor in choosing from among the Nevada hotels is how close to other people you want to be. If you are here for the casino fun, a resort hotel room – or, shoot!, go for the suite! – might be just right. But you might want to find a property that offers more of a getaway, closer to nature and far from the madding crowd. You’ll find that too. We have done the leg work for you here, so settle in and find the Nevada hotel that feels just right for you. 

Wyndham Garden Hotel

Max Casino
Everything Nevada Place to Stay
900 S. Carson Street, Carson City
(800) 501-2929

Step out of the Max and relax in your comfortable room that's just a short elevator excursion above the main floor casino hub of fun and excitement. Choose the queen or king room or suite that best suits your needs, and you'll have ample amenities to enjoy your stay to the max at the Wyndham Garden. All rooms have a balcony, coffee maker and 40-inch... read more

Step out of the Max and relax in your comfortable room that's just a short... read more