Things to Do in Nevada

Where else in the world can you find such a range of indoor and outdoor activities to keep you busy throughout the year as with things to do in Nevada? The first thing that comes to mind for visitors is the famous gambling environment of the Silver State. Accompanying the gaming industry are many other Nevada activities. These include all the amenities that one finds at the casino resorts such as live entertainment, pools and spas, fine dining and more. Galleries, libraries and museums can be found in close proximity to many of the resorts, but these attractions can also be located in many of the more rural areas throughout the state as well. For the more active among us, things to do in Nevada include fun in the air and on the water and land. There is ballooning, gliding, soaring and flying in the clear skies of the Silver State. The lakes and rivers offer opportunities for boating, sailing, paddleboarding, swimming, diving and fishing. Millions of acres of public lands in Nevada provide opportunities for hiking, biking, climbing, hunting and camping. Other outdoor pursuits include incredible golf courses and ski areas. Another thing to do in Nevada is simply to travel the state and enjoy the sights, from the Ruby Mountains to Lake Tahoe and from Hoover Dam to the Berlin-Ichthyosaur State Park.

Other Things To Do in Nevada Things

Fun in the Silver State can be painted in broad strokes and often tends to focus on the offerings at the resorts and large parks. But things to do in Nevada also include more local and neighborhood activities. A partial list includes bowling, roller skating, laser tag, community theater, stargazing, concerts, festivals and more. Just look around any part of the state and you'll be astounded by all the opportunities to enjoy yourself. 

The Neon Dragonfly

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Enter the eclectic world of The Neon Dragonfly, a boutique located in Midtown. A sister shop to the nearby Melting Pot, The Neon Dragonfly appeals to a similar type of artistic individual. In this boutique you'll find fashion-forward women's clothing, glittering jewelry of all styles, fun and gift-worthy socks and accessories, steampunk apparel, unique lamps, home decor, quirky wall art and all kinds of other... read more

Enter the eclectic world of The Neon Dragonfly, a boutique located in Midtown. A sister... read more