Nevada Attractions

Nevada attractions can be divided into two categories. The first type of attraction and the one that probably comes to mind for people from outside the state is the kind that has been constructed by human hands. The resorts and casinos would obviously be a part of this list. The lodging and gaming industries have created sites that are truly spectacular, and everyone should try to experience them at least once in their lives. Other Nevada attractions that are human-made include several entries related to history, culture and the arts. The oldest of these would have to be the petroglyphs left behind by the first Nevadans several thousand years ago. More recent examples include marvels of engineering and architecture, museums and galleries and even businesses and commercial enterprises. But Nevada attractions also include many from the second category, those of the natural world. Lake Tahoe is famous all around the globe, but this spectacular body of water is just one of the many sites in the state of this second type of attraction. Mountains and valleys, lakes and rivers, flora and fauna abound in the Silver State and will astound any visitor who takes the time to explore them. Even the stars of the almost preternaturally clear night skies of Nevada draw tourists to our state.

Unique Even Among Nevada Attractions

One of these Nevada attractions has no parallel – the Running Man festival. An entire city blooms and then disappears in the Black Rock desert each year. Participants gather for a few weeks to create a temporary community that celebrates the art and culture of the outsider, and then they are gone. This might be one of the Nevada attractions that you want to explore if the concept of a hybrid of Brigadoon and Woodstock sounds intriguing.

Brewery Arts Center

Nevada Attraction
449 W. King Street, Carson City
(775) 883-1976

In the mid-1800s the building now known as the Brewery Arts Center was built on King Street as a steam beer brewery, bar and Masonic Lodge that would ship kegs and barrels out to local saloons. In the early 1900s the building belonged to Carson Brewing Company who crafted Tahoe Beer, "Famous As The Lake." A mural depicting those brewers can be seen on the... read more

In the mid-1800s the building now known as the Brewery Arts Center was built on... read more

Nevada Museum of Art

Reno's Midtown District
Nevada Attraction
160 W. Liberty Street, Reno
(775) 329-3333

As the only accredited art museum in the state, Nevada Museum of Art is a beacon of culture in the High Sierra. The permanent collections are extensive and stunning, and the changing exhibitions keep things fresh, even for regular visitors. The museum offers three floors of exhibits, usually with varying themes and styles. Most exhibits are on display for at least one month; some may... read more

As the only accredited art museum in the state, Nevada Museum of Art is a... read more