Press Start Arcade Bar

Reno's Midtown District
1413 S. Virginia Street, Reno
(775) 786-2550

Midtown Reno's newest local bar is actually a throwback. Press Start Arcade Bar combines nostalgic fun with a modern, friendly neighborhood bar offering craft beer and specialty drinks. It is an arcade (or "barcade") filled to the brim with classic coin-operated arcade games straight from the '80s and '90s. Alongside movie-themed pinball machines are all your favorite childhood games, from Pac-Man to Galaga to Street Fighter and so much more. It's a 21-and-older trip back to your own childhood (if you grew up in that era) or a fun discovery of the classics for the younger crowd. Bring plenty of quarters (or cash to break) and order a drink like the Metroid Mai Tai for an evening of arcade gaming!