Nevada Restaurants Great Plates

Nevada is a state that draws visitors from throughout the country and from around the world to enjoy a culture of entertainment and recreation. A large part of that culture is the breadth and depth of cuisine and dining opportunities offered here. And the best of the best of that food earns the honor of being classified among the Nevada Restaurants Great Plates. A Great Plate can be found almost anyplace. It can be an entrée that a world-class chef at one of the casino resorts has spent years to perfect. It can also be that burger served at a small Reno/Sparks neighborhood joint, a burger that has the taste of the high desert cattle ranches in every juicy bite. You might find one of the Nevada Restaurants Great Plates when you sit down to a family-style dinner at a Basque restaurant in Elko. Perhaps it's a chocolate treat in the shape of Frank Sinatra's hat that you enjoy while gazing out at the Las Vegas strip. There is a Great Plate on the menu at a certain little French restaurant tucked away in the forest just up from the shores of Lake Tahoe. Nevada is a state where people come to have a good time. That includes enjoying great food, and lucky for us, the restaurants of the Silver State are up to the task.

Finding Nevada Restaurants Great Plates

Nevada Restaurants Great Plates are where you find them, from small neighborhood pubs to rooftop five-star resort restaurants. Even so, they can be hard to find among all of the foods and dishes that might be good but not necessarily great. Check back here for the choices that have already been vetted and have earned the title. After all, you're here to gamble on the cards, not on your dinner!