Nevada Golf

Not all the fun in the Silver State takes place at a card table or in front of a slot machine. Nevada golf courses can rival the greens that you'll find anywhere else in the world. And the variety of settings and scenery will surprise anyone who hasn't taken a close look at these high-desert courses. That's because not all of them feel as if they are in a desert environment. Plenty of the Nevada golf courses do butt up against the natural ecosystem, and the greens are immediately adjacent to sagebrush, manzanita and sand. But there are several that offer a very different view. You might find yourself golfing in a verdant green valley overlooking true Western cattle ranches. Or you could play a golf course where an errant ball will be lost to a nearby river. And can you imagine finishing up the last hole just as the sun sets over the scenic beauty of Lake Tahoe? The types of settings in which your Nevada golf experience can take place are as diverse as the state itself, and there are more than a hundred golf courses from which to choose. It only makes sense that the majority are located near the larger population centers, but the rural communities also boast their fair share of facilities.

Nevada Golf Tournaments

Amateurs and professionals alike will find they have opportunities to enjoy tournament play on Nevada golf courses. One way to stay up on the tournament schedule is to check with the state golf associations for the southern and northern regions or to keep track of the PGA postings. Spectators can enjoy these events just as much as the participants, and there is plenty of Nevada-style fun to be had nearby once the sun sets on the links.