Nevada Events: Community

For Nevada events, community is a big-tent sort of concept. We love to get together for any sort of reason or even for no reason at all! The calendar is jam-packed with festivals, fairs and events that reflect the wide diversity of the Silver State. Some of the community gatherings are centered around the gaming culture, but the vast majority of Nevada events have more to do with celebrating nature, history, the arts, ethnicity, holidays, food, education, sports and more. You can find people gathered in the parks and plazas, community halls and conference centers to celebrate these events, and they take place during the week and on the weekends, throughout the year in any month or season. There are several annual events that people look forward to each year. There are also spontaneous one-time gatherings or special lectures and demonstrations that take place only once. Nevada community events can take place on a scale that involves just a few friends that get together based on a shared interest, or they can be city-wide celebrations that span a full month of theme-related activities. And no matter what the reason for people to meet up, there's always plenty of fun to be had before or afterward. The restaurants and casinos are used to seeing an influx of people in conjunction with community Nevada events.

A Unique Community Nevada Event

There is one Nevada event that is unique even among the collection that includes Sin City and the Biggest Little City in the World. Black Rock City is the temporary municipality that accompanies the annual Burning Man festival. It boasts a population of more than 50,000 residents, includes services such as a post office and exists for only a week each year. Then all signs of it disappear until the next year rolls around. It's on the bucket list for many a person, for sure!

E.g., 09/17/2019
E.g., 09/17/2019

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