Executive Chef Tommy Linnett

Tommy Linnett grew up in the restaurant business, learning from his father, the owner of multiple restaurant ventures in and around Lake Tahoe. Tommy holds bachelor’s degrees from Saint Mary’s College in Spanish and business. He traveled extensively through Argentina before attending Scottsdale Culinary Institute in Scottsdale, Arizona. Tommy returned home to Northern Nevada, settling in Reno. He joined Chef Mark Estee as part of the opening team for Campo Reno, and moved on to Head Chef at Campo Mammoth. Tommy looks forward to bringing the local food movement pioneered by Estee in Northern Nevada to Carson City.

General Manager Nick Meyer

Nick Meyer fell in love with restaurants while bussing tables during his days studying business management at the University of Nevada, Reno. Falling immediately in love with the industry, he spent the next six years working his way from busser to server to bartender and manager, eventually becoming kitchen manager. He joined Chef Mark Estee’s management team at Campo Reno, overseeing all of Mark’s properties as Director of Operations. Nick is excited to join the Carson City community and establish The Union as a cornerstone for the capital city dining scene.