Nevada Marijuana Products

Along with the state's acceptance of medicinal marijuana and the more recent legalization of recreational pot has come an explosion of Nevada marijuana products on the market. Items relating to the actual plant itself can include concentrates, edibles and flower products as well as accessories infused with cannabis. Both the medical and the recreational marijuana businesses are far more complex than just walking into a shop, plunking some money down on the counter and walking out with your purchase. Nevada cannabis products are legal, but they are still highly regulated. Age requirements have to be met. In the case of medical products, the client must have the correct and appropriate paperwork. Locals as well as tourists should check with the personnel at the dispensary to make sure they are going about their purchase and use of Nevada cannabis products in the right and legal way. The staff members at the local smoke shops that sell marijuana accessories can also be a great resource for this information. Many of these stores are small hometown businesses that have been dealing in marijuana-related products for quite a while, and their employees can steer you in the right direction for accessories, paraphernalia and other products. Some shops also carry a fascinating array of other inventory such as clothing and apparel, festival and concert tickets, jewelry, art, vaping supplies and more. 

Regulations on Nevada Marijuana Products

Some of the rules in place for Nevada marijuana products include the stipulation that they cannot be consumed in public. This includes public parks and state and national forest lands. You can't drive or have a gun while under the influence. There are also restrictions on how much marijuana can be purchased, who can purchase it, how old you have to be and even on who is allowed to grow it.

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