Nevada Marijuana

Medical and recreational marijuana in the Silver State has recently been legalized, and the Nevada marijuana market is a blossoming industry. Medical dispensaries were the first distribution points allowed and established. Recreational marijuana was approved by voters, but there was no process initially in place to allow for the sale of the product. Following a long and convoluted path through legal, political and bureaucratic bramble patches, recreational sales went into effect in the summer of 2017. For the time being, the medical and recreational Nevada pot dispensaries are primarily clustered among the state's population centers, although the influx of revenues that are expected to be realized due to the sale of Nevada cannabis could result in a few more shops in the rural counties. Visitors who intend to participate in this new recreational opportunity should make themselves aware of the accompanying rules and restrictions. Many people assume that the laws governing Nevada marijuana mirror those that apply to alcohol, but there are some significant differences. Public consumption of recreational marijuana products is very much prohibited. And while the casinos are often thought to be centers of so-called vices such as drinking, smoking and gambling, don't expect to be able to partake of marijuana at any of these sites. Casinos are part of a very highly regulated industry that is steering clear of the cannabis issue. 

The Larger Impact of Nevada Marijuana

The ballot measure approved by voters that paved the way for legal recreational Nevada marijuana packaged it as a way for the state to realize tax revenues for the product. Between taxes paid by those who cultivate the plant and taxes paid by the consumer at the point of retail purchase, Nevada sees millions of dollars coming in that are earmarked for schools and for the state's contingency account.

The Glass Shack

Nevada Cannabis
1947 N. Carson Street, Carson City
(775) 301-6633

The Glass Shack is Carson City's newest glassware and smoking and cannabis accessory shop, from the owners of Carson Vape and Hookah. In a modern and clean location, The Glass Shack is stocked with glass cases of eye-catching glass pipes, bongs and other accoutrement. A few are locally made, most are colorful and artistically beautiful and some even resemble animals and movie characters coming in... read more

The Glass Shack is Carson City's newest glassware and smoking and cannabis accessory shop, from... read more